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Grateful Dead Catalog

"Let it shine, Let it shine, Let it shine"

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Show of the Week:

Fillmore East

Early Show
//The Other One ->
Cryptical Envelopment
Dire Wolf
Casey Jones

Late Show
Dark Star ->
Spanish Jam ->

E - Uncle John's Band

The late show's really what you want to concentrate on here. Duane Allman sits in starting early in Dark Star, and Peter Green jumps in soon thereafter. It's amazing that the band can keep everything together with the ever-growing ensemble. During a pretty harmless jam in Dark Star, Bobby and Phil start leading the band down a long forgotten road, as the sinister opening notes of the Spanish Jam can be heard.
This Spanish Jam is crippling - Phil is just a monster! All 4 guitarists add some sick riffs. Out of this jam comes an enormous Lovelight, as Gergg Allman and Pigpen take turns on the lyrics. Gregg is very, very intoxicated at this point.
The Uncle John's Band encore is acoustic. Perfect ending after the sonic assault from the prior hour.

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